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150° Anniversary Organic

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic, P.D.O. "Val di Mazara".

150° Anniversary Organic

In occasion of the celebration of the 150 years of the Italian union, we are happy to present the best of our production packaged with a commemorative label reporting the colours of the Italian flag. We are proud to promote the certified Italian quality with the best of our local production, celebrating the history of a country that is one of the oldest in the world. This peculiar history of our country explains why in Italy we have so many regional cuisines, all of them being characterized by basic yet absolutely essential ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil. And ours is the best of the Sicilian extra virgin olive oil production. The celebratory packaging recalls all of this: history, traditions and certified quality. The certification P.D.O. Val di Mazara (Agroqualità) is a guarantee that this product is produced exclusively from olives harvested, pressed and packed in the central areal of our beautiful island of Sicily. As an additional plus we have selected only the best of the P.D.O. local production certified Organic, in order to guarantee the maximum respect towards our land. Supreme!


80% Biancolilla, 10% Cerasuola, 10% Nocellara del Belice.

Area of origin

Central Sicily.


High hillside.

Method of Harvest

Harvested by hand.

Extractions System

Continuous cold extraction, within 24 hours from the harvest, and separation by centrifuge; the oil is allowed to settle and then decanted naturally.

Filtering Method

Natural fiber filters.


Mild with grass and green tomato notes.


Mild fruity flavour, well rounded taste with tomato and almonds finish.


A slightly dense oil, golden yellow in colour.


Raw and marinated fish, fresh cheeses and vegetable soups.


1 L

Product Certifications
  • Bio Italia